My Story

Hi, I’m Amber Grim. Welcome to Perfectly Promised, a safe, judgment-free zone made just for women.

Let’s get to know each other! I’ll go first.

I grew up as an Air Force brat moving around the country (and some time in Europe) until our family settled in Fort Wayne, IN when I was 12-years-old. I met my sweetheart, James, just before my senior year of high school. In 2001, we got married and later had our daughters, Grace (12) and Rose (10).

Growing up, our family did not go to church. But I did believe in God, and even felt pulled toward Jesus as a teenager, but the Bible intimidated me. And to be honest, I didn’t understand this whole idea of Jesus and salvation and sin. I heard the Ten Commandments and thought, “I haven’t murdered or committed adultery or anything like that.” Seriously, what was all this Bible stuff about, anyway? I had a good head on my shoulders (morally speaking), and mistakenly thought church-goers must need a strong compass to keep themselves out of trouble.

Our lives changed drastically in 2014 when our family experienced a crisis. James’s employer made plans to close down in Fort Wayne and send his job to Mexico. It sucked. We were devastated. Now what do we do?

For the first time, I felt completely out of control of my life. And this gave God the opportunity to step in.

I believed God was real, but that he worked from a distance. Certainly he had no personal interest in me. But that changed as we struggled to overcome James’s job loss with a move to Cincinnati, and I saw God working miracles in our lives. A surprise job opportunity for James. Spontaneous places to stay when we were in between homes. Scoring the last temporary apartment available that turned out to be the most convenient location. The perfect house for us to buy in a good school district. A relocation package with just the right amount of funds. It was too much not to notice. Before, God felt distant. But suddenly, I understood he wasn’t far away at all; he was with me. And he had been with me the whole time.

Talk about a game-changer.

After we got settled, James and I started going to church for the first time as a married couple. I joined a women’s Bible study despite feeling uncomfortable and out of place. Unsure about who Jesus was, I was cautiously seeking answers. To my surprise, the women in my group talked about real, daily struggles, how God spoke to them, and how they were working it out. The gospel was explained in a way I understood (finally!), and oh yeah, I’ve sinned, too! Now I get it! I grasped what it meant to follow Jesus, and I was all in.

Today, I’m learning more about God’s character, obeying his voice, and claiming the promises he gives all of us.

Now it’s your turn! Do you have a story to tell? I’d love to hear from you!